UW Disability Equity

About the UW Disability Equity Project

The UW Disability Equity Project is a collaboration between faculty, staff, and students across the Disability Studies Program, The D Center, and the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine. We are conducting a series of research projects focused on anti-ableism and amplifying the voices of students, staff, and faculty at UW who identify as disabled/with a disability, d/Deaf, or with a chronic physical or mental health condition.

Current projects:

Through a better understanding of experiences of ableism and allyship across UW Campuses, our team aims to:

Implement and evaluate the impact of a co-created disability allyship and anti-ableism training curriculum, rooted in disability studies principles, that will contribute to an inclusive and diverse campus culture and facilitate discussions about disability as a key part of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives within our campus culture.

Please visit our Recruitment Page for more information or to sign up to participate in this study!

Completed Projects:

In our inaugural project, we connected with students, staff, and faculty at UW who have a disability, physical or mental health condition, a chronic illness, or are d/Deaf . We aimed to learn:

1) how  academic and/or healthcare experiences at UW are perceived, considering the physical, attitudinal, and social environments across campus;

2) how ableism or discrimination is experienced and perceived  on UW campus; and

3) how allyship and community is experienced and perceived at UW.

Here is a paper published with some of our results!