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Disability Rights are Human Rights
A group of diverse protesters hold a long black sign that has the slogan 'Disability Rights are Human Rights' in white letters.

Are you interested in learning more about what it means to be an ally to your fellow students, staff, or faculty at UW who identify as disabled/with a disability or chronic health condition?

About the study: We are conducting research to examine participant experiences and perceptions of taking part in a disability allyship training curriculum. We will also investigate the effects of allyship training on the explicit (conscious) and implicit (unconscious) disability attitudes of participants and any allyship actions instituted by participants at individual or group levels after the workshop. (IRB # STUDY00009838)

Who is eligible: All adults ages 18+ and who are part-time or full-time students, staff, or faculty at any UW campus are eligible. Participants may be individuals or members of campus units/groups who wish to participate together.

Study Procedures:

  • Participants will complete approximately 20 minutes of electronic pre-workshop surveys and demographic information.
  • Participants will attend a virtual or in-person 90-minute disability allyship training workshop designed to foster improved knowledge and action toward disability allyship by reducing ableism and improving equity and access for disabled people.
  • A second round of electronic post-workshop surveys (approximately 20 minutes to complete) will be completed at two time points: immediately following and again at 1-month post-training.
  • Participants may also attend an optional post-workshop focus group to describe or debrief about their training experiences.

Compensation & Accommodations: Participants will receive a $25 Tango Gift Card after attending the workshops and completing pre- and post-workshop surveys. An additional $25 Gift Card will be provided for optional focus group participation. Captioning, ASL Interpreters, and large print will be available.

To learn more or enroll, contact study coordinator Silas James at silast@uw.edu

Archived study opportunities:

  1. A research team from the Disability Studies Program, The D Center, and the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine is recruiting UW students, staff, and faculty who have a disability, physical or mental health condition, a chronic illness, or are d/Deaf to contribute to a research project on disability, equity, and inclusion on the UW campus funded by CLIME. (IRB # STUDY00009838)

You may be eligible if you:

  • Are 18 years or older.
  • Are a student, staff, or faculty member who attends or works at UW at least part-time.
  • Identify as having a disability, physical or mental health condition, chronic illness, or are d/Deaf.

Participants will:

  • Attend a 60-90-minute virtual focus group or interview.
  • Discuss experiences of ableism or discrimination as well as allyship and community in academic and healthcare situations.
  • Receive a $30 electronic gift card for participating.

If you are interested in participating, contact us at uwdisabilityequity@uw.edu 

All study information will be kept confidential. CART, ASL or other access will be provided.